UPDATE: Social Wall Is BACK UP!

Written on 09/30/2022
Abel Longoria

UPDATE: October 6, 2022
The Social Wall plugin is back up and running. You're now able to post photos and interact with each other as you had before.

UPDATE: September 30, 2022
I've been in contact with the company that provided the Social Wall Plugin and apparently their coder has been "sick for months". The owner of the company can't fix the code so I'm waiting on word for when the coder returns. Their main website that promotes plugins for my app platform has expired and now points to a blank Godaddy landing page so I'm sure if they're even still in business. I will keep you guys in the loop. I do apologize. This sucks.

September 16, 2022
The third party plugin software that is our Social Wall is currently down. I have submitted a ticket and techs are working to resolve the problem now. 

The app still works in regards to all of the menu items. It's just the landing page that is our social feed is currently down. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.