Repair Shops Audit (HELP!)

Written on 10/19/2022
Abel Longoria


I Need Your Help!

I've been wanting to perform an audit on our Repair Shops database for quite some time in order to weed out the shops that have closed due to retirements and/or Covid. It's a ton of work for me to try audit 700+ shops all by myself so I'm reaching out to our community for a little help.

This is a very quick excercise that you could do in oder to help our entire community of app members. Trust me, there's nothing more frustrating than finding a repair shop in the app when you're broken down only to find out that the shop has went out of business sometime ago. Not good. This is the reason for this call for help.

How you can help...

Click on the MENU icon on the upper left hand of the app screen. Click the VANAGON REPAIR SHOPS (or BUS REPAIR SHOPS) link.

The app will dispay the repair shops that are closest to your phone's current GPS location. If you see a repair shop near you that you know has closed down or does not work on Vanagons/Buses any more, click the shop name that's in the listing to display their detailed shop page. Click the COMMENT icon on the upper righthand corner of the app screen.

Click the COMPOSE icon on the lower righthand corner of the app screen. Leave a comment stating that the shop has closed and click SEND.

I'll get a notification of your comment and on which shop listing that the comment was made on. That'll let me know which repair shops to remove from our database n help keep it as up to date as possible.

I'm hoping to reach out to our community every 6-12 months or so in order to help with this task. Without your guys' help I could simply not handle the task on my own.

Thank you very much for your help!