Need Social Wall Beta Testers

Written on 12/02/2022
Abel Longoria

The original Social Wall plugin we have has currently been down for about 10 days. It's been very frustrating on my end since I haven't gotten much communication from the developers that created it. The last time it went down in September it was down for 20 days. This is unacceptable for a plugin that costs me $850 USD.

Anyways, I've been looking all over for another option to put in place. I think I've found the perfect contender but I need some help from some members to help me test it out. The BuddyBoss plugin is about $230 annually but so far the support from the developers has been awesome.

The downside to the BuddyBoss plugin is that you'll need to register for an account in order to participate on the social wall. So far I haven't been logged out so once you register and sign in, you should always be signed in when you open the app.

I'm in contact with Goodbarber, the platform that we have our app built on in order to develop a extension so that the implementation of the BuddyBoss social wall plugin is more seamless in regards to the look and functionality.

You can access the BuddyBoss social wall plugin by clicking the BETA TEST ME link in the app menu.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to your suggestions.

- Abel