HELP: Broken Down in Volcano, HI

Written on 05/15/2024
Abel Longoria

Abel here, I'm reaching out to our VanAlert members in Hawaii to see if anyone can lend a hand and/or share some info to another fellow member that is currently broken down in Volcano, HI. Thanks in advance!


I'm trying to find a repair shop or a friendly owner that can help me. I’m currently broke down with my 1987 Vanagon outside Hilo Hawaii, near Volcano, Hi. There is one VW shop, but he said he is booking into next month. Hard to find anyone to even take a look. A mobile guy might be great.

It’s mostly I think a bad cylinder lock, as the ignition key is stuck, and can’t budge it. Key stuck in on position, so the steering wheel is NOT locked.

Also, I lost head lights 5 minutes before going down a heavily potholed road (which I’m guessing caused both problems). I only have high beam, and only when you hold the ‘stick’ back.

I have order parts, after a conversation with GoWesty, and a fiend is going to try and help, but someone who knows the vans might be the better option.

If you're in the area or know of anyone in the area that might be able to lend a hand, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Cell: 614-783-3170