Peace Vans is Hiring!

Written on 03/01/2023
Katey @ Peace Vans

Looking for a great opportunity to relocate to Seattle, WA?

Peace Vans is a specialized auto repair and restoration shop based in Seattle, WA that focuses on VW Vanagon and VW Buses. We are booked out for appointments 8 weeks in advance and have restoration/full rebuild projects that extend into late 2023.

In order to help us maintain our schedules and commitments, we are now seeking to add a new member to our great technician team. Peace Vans is a great place to have a long term home and practice your craft with a very talented team.

Check out our shop HERE

Our shop is well staffed, well equipped, with great and grateful customers.

We are looking for a qualified technician with the following:
- 3+ years in an auto repair environment
- A good selection of your own tools
- Passion/Interest in camping and/or the vehicles we work on
- Team orientated
- Some knowledge and appreciation for the VW Camper platform.

The position we're looking to fill is a full time, 40 hours a week, Monday thru Friday. We can be flexible on your schedule as time goes on. Hourly compensation is very competitive, between $25 - $50 an hour depending on your level of experience.

Benefits available to our team members include health insurance, dental insurance, vacation time, and many other great benefits including annual bonuses!

Peace Vans is a great place to work and we're located right in the heart of Sodo, Seattle. Our facility is located right next to a light rail (commuter train) station which makes the commute to and from the city easy and affordable. Transit passes available.

For the right candidate we will pay a $2,000 signing bonus and relocation if you are out of town.

We will also pay a $500 referral fee if you are reading this and send us a great candidate who takes the job and stays in the job for 90 days.

If you're interested in submitting yourself for this position, please contact me at:

Katey Heline

---- Testimonial from Abel Longoria ----

Peace Vans is by far one of the best shops I've had the pleasure of dealing with in the past 10 years of traveling all over the country. They have been a great supporter of VanAlert in the past and I thought I'd help them try to fulfill this open position. My experiences with them were before the app was created and are completely unbiased.

In 2016, I stopped in to have my brakes done and their tech (and my friend) Jason Newton put my van on the lift and started to take a look at my 1987 Westy. My 1st gen GoWesty Big Brake Kit was all worn out and needed to be replaced. Jason recommended the 2nd gen kit and my response was "How long will it take to get it here?" and his response was "Oh, we keep them in stock." Whaaattt!?

Harley, the owner of Peace Vans gave me a tour of the shop once I gave the ok to upgrade to the newest generation of brake kit. They literally have every part imaginable which is great for the shop, their techs and especially their customers. There's no waiting around for a shipment from a vendor, just about anything that needs replacing, you're almost guaranteed that they have a new replacement in stock and ready to go.

One of the things that also impressed me was their attention to detail and the lengths they go through to make sure their work is of the highest quality. I have the South African Front Grill kit installed on my van and Jason mentioned that theres a port in the headlights that allow for a daytime running LED light. I had no idea that existed and gave him the go ahead to add it to my list of things to do to my Westy.

These LED lights need to be piggy backed off of the running lights in the turn signals. Most shops would just run some plain old red and black wire from the lights to the new LED driving lights in the housing. Not PeaceVans! They have all of the OEM colored wire and make sure to use it everytime they tie into the existing electrical system so that it completely matches the Bentley/factory wiring diagram. This is a bit of information that most customers wouldn't care about, but owners like myself that often do work on my van myself, this left a big impression on me!

They even use the correct hardware.

The reason I mention all of this is because I feel this is a great selling point for working for Peace Vans as a technician. This was a quick look into the level of professionalism you'll be working with if you start to work for PeaceVans. It is definitely a top tier shop!