CA - San Francisco: 1989 Vanagon Carat Tintop

Written on 04/07/2022
Abel Longoria

CA - San Francisco: 1989 Vanagon Carat Tintop

Stolen On: April 6, 2022
Stolen In: San Francisco, CA (South of Market)

Vehicle Details:
1989 Vanagon Carat Tintop (Silver)
California License Plate: 3X19986

Added Details:
All original, even paint and engine! Stock 14" alloy wheels. Stock cladding and bumpers. Stock headlight grill. This van was in a gated garage at a condo complex. It also had an activated kill switch which took the thief about 30 minutes to find. Security had the whole incident on camera.

If spotted, please contact your local Police Department immediately.

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