CA - Oakland: 1990 Vanagon Tintop

Written on 09/23/2022
Abel Longoria


CA - Oakland: 1990 Vanagon Tintop

Status Date: October 2, 2022

A friend spotted it near West Oakland Bart at the State Market Liquor Store. I went there, saw a guy in the driver's seat, called the cops and when they came they guy drove off and they didn't go after him. Said they couldn't chase and did nothing. I went after him, lost him, then saw him walking near Acorn projects and zigzagged streets until I found it again parked at 10th and Filbert. Called the cops again, but they didn't come.

It had some huge new dents and looked like the guy was living in it. It was full of car theft tools, car batteries, burner cell phones, clothes, etc. Spray paint over the windows. No plates. The ignition was ground down but not hot wired. I couldn't start it. The guy came back while I was trying to start it and I fought him off with a pipe. After I fought the guy off and called the police again, they came back for a few minutes, but left me there alone again before the tow truck arrived and said they couldn't wait around. Eventually I got it towed. It was very sketchy. Last photo below is the Van once it was recovered.

I tried to get the police to help and they didn't do anything. All this is to say, I think the only way to get a van back in Oakland is to put the word out on social media and go looking and if it's spotted, ask the police to tow it immediately or be ready to have a private tow service meet you and be ready to defend yourself in an emergency, because the police won't wait around with you long and AAA takes too long if you're in a sketchy situation.

Stolen On: September 22, 2022
Stolen In: Oakland, CA (East Lake)

Vehicle Details:
1990 Vanagon Tintop (Silver)
California License Plate:

Theft Deterrent Installed: None

Added Details:
Stock bumpers, 14" stock wheels with hubcaps wheels. Dents on both rear corners.

If spotted, please contact your local Police Department immediately.

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